Why Millennial Moms Should Embrace Tech For A Better Work/Life Balance

November 15, 2018


Are you a millennial mom dreaming of creating a better work/life balance?

Gen X moms like me had few choices when it came to balancing motherhood and work.

It was either stay home with the kids and lose my income . . . Or else go to work and send the kids to daycare.

Frankly, neither choice was ideal.

I needed the income, so I reluctantly chose to work.

But by choosing to work, I knew I would miss out on so much in my kids’ lives.

First steps. First words. School field trips. And so much more . . .

So I felt like a lousy mom, guilty for not always being there. Pulled in all directions and feeling like I wasn’t doing justice to anything.

But thanks to technology, you don’t have to make the same sacrifices my generation did.

Tech Equals New Choices for Moms

Scared of technology? Not you. You embrace it and all of its potential.

Part of the first generation to grow up with the internet and tech gadgets, you know how to bend it to your will.

 You’re not intimidated by tech in the least.

And that gives you a massive advantage in the workforce.

The Cloud Changed Everything

Cloud computing makes it possible to work remotely from home while still having full access to company files and software.

Online productivity suites, such as Office.com, Google Drive, etc., file sharing programs, video conferencing software and messaging tools are just a few of the tools that make working from home possible.

Why put up with commuting to the office when you have all the tools you need to do your job online?

The cloud has also opened doors for women to start freelance careers in coding, writing and graphic arts.

Freelancing lets moms can control their schedule — taking on only as much work as they think they can handle. (Which makes it a perfect choice for moms who want to stay home with their kids.)

Cloud computing has also opened up another option, too.

It’s made it possible for you to run a business 100% from home.

Mompreneurs Use Tech to Make Bank

Tired of working for ‘the man’ — but not interested in freelancing? Good news!

It’s never been easier to be an entrepreneur…without forking out upfront for rent, inventory and utilities.

Here are just a few possibilities for moms like you to create an online business.

Graphically-gifted moms can produce products ranging from mugs to pillows to t-shirts with print-on-demand services.

Many of them will even ship your designs directly to your customer.

Not artsy?

The online arbitrage business model is perfect for bargain hunters. And it’s very straight-forward.

Buy goods at a low cost and sell them at higher prices on Amazon or e-Bay.

Passionate about a hobby? It’s a money-making opportunity.

People will pay to learn from you — whether you’re into cooking, photography or basketweaving. All you have to do is create an online course that teaches others the fine points.

Want recurring revenue? Create courses around different aspects of your hobby and house them in a paid membership site. Charge members monthly or yearly fees for continued access.

Last, but not least, affiliate marketing is another way for moms to earn online.

You don’t even need a product to get started — earn commissions for promoting other people’s products to your audience.

Tech Helps Make the Worst Part of Parenthood Bearable

One of the worst parts about being a mom (or dad) is having to tackle the mountains of housework kids create.

Dishes. Laundry. Vacuuming. The list goes on-and-on.

And you know damn well as soon as you get the house cleaned up, the kids will be well on their way to trashing everything again.

But thanks to an assist from new smart devices, the number of hours parents spend doing housework is declining.

Robot vacuums, mopping units, window washers and even lawn mowers let you spend time with the kids while they do the hard work.

New top-of-the-line fridges can monitor their contents and even order groceries for you when stocks get low. Talk about freeing up your time!

Bluetooth enabled devices like Instant Pots, ovens, and sous vide machines make cooking a breeze. They help you turn out perfect food without the need to continually monitor as it cooks.

Last, but not least, every parent’s dream gadget has arrived — an automatic clothes folder is now on the market.

Spend more time having with your kids… and fewer hours doing the tasks you love to hate.

Live the Life YOU Want

It’s exciting to see so many options open up for moms.

Now you can choose to pursue a full-time career…or be a traditional stay-at-home mom …or take up freelancing or remote work.

But here’s what’s important —tech has made it possible to live your life on your own terms, not on the whims of an employer.

If you’re not happy with your work/life balance right now, explore how adopting new technology could give you the career of your dreams…

Without leaving your house…or spending hours in a long soul-sucking commute.

All while you spend a relaxing afternoon doing crafts with your kids — as a robot washes your floor and folds your clothes.

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