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9 Amazing Family Budgeting Apps for 2019

Is there any topic more likely to cause an argument between you and your partner than money?

The reason? There’s a good chance you married your financial opposite. (Weird, but true.)

If you’re a saver, your partner’s easy spending will make you fume. If you’re a spender, having to watch every penny frustrates you — life is meant to be lived, right?

Talking about money is our last taboo — there’s still a lot of guilt and shame attached to the topic. But don’t let that stop you and your partner from having a serious talk about your finances.

A lot of the stress and anxiety in your relationship will vanish when you work out a budget you both can live with.

The good news? You no longer need to fiddle with complicated spreadsheets or spend hours reconciling accounts to keep on top of your finances.

A new generation of financial apps makes budgeting easier than ever before — no spreadsheets required.

Love (and Budgeting Apps Designed for Couples) Will Keep You Together

Budgeting apps designed for couples are such a godsend. They help keep you on track, with your budget most have another feature couples will enjoy.

Many allow couples to choose how much information they share with their partners. For example, you could choose to share account balances with your partner, but not the individual transactions.

While it’s important for couples to be open and honest with each other financially, it’s also important to have a bit of fun money set aside to spend as you wish — without any fear of judgment from your partner.

HoneyFi (iOS & Android)

HoneyFi is a free app that claims to “help couples simply their finances and spend mindfully. Together.”

A unique feature of HoneyFi is that users can add comments and reactions to specific transactions.

Seeing a smiley face from your partner when you add to savings may be the encouragement you need to contribute regularly.


  • Syncs individual and household accounts to the app (bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments)
  • Suggests a budget based on your previous spending (this can help prevent overspending.)
  • Receive financial insights — you may be surprised where the bulk of your money is going
  • Searchable, categorized transactions across accounts for easy spending tracking
  • Choose how much info to share with your partner (use this feature with caution — it’s not wise to hide significant purchases from your partner.)

Home Budget with Sync (iOS & Android )

This app allows users to create a “Group” where all devices in the group sync with each other. When a group member completes a transaction, it’s seen in real time by the other users.

Recurring transactions sync across devices, eliminating the stress that occurs when you forget about an upcoming bill.


  • Provides an integrated set of features to help you manage your expenses and cash flow.
  • Supports tracking both your expense and income tracking
  • Support for budgets, accounts, payees and bill tracking
  • Group your expenses into categories and sub-categories, and lets you set a budget, and track expenses at the category/sub-category level.

Honeydue (iOS & Android)

This app’s mission is to help couples “outsmart money, together.”

Honeydew’s founders noticed that many couples rely on spreadsheets for budgeting. They decided there had to be a more straightforward way to juggle tracking multiple bank and credit card accounts.

As with HoneyFi, Honeydue users can decide how much information to share with their partner.

The comment section allows partners to check in with each other over transactions they don’t recognize.


  • Couples can see all their bank balances in one place
  • Track both credit card and bank balances, along with individual transactions related to each account.
  • Transactions and balances update in real time, so there’s always a complete, accurate snapshot of where these accounts stand.
  • Ability to choose which accounts your partner can see and at what level of detail.
  • Categorized spending — Honeydue categorizes expenditures into the following categories: cash & checks; family & pets; getting around; gifts & charity; miscellaneous; personal & wellness; home & utilities; food & drink; trips & occasions; shopping & fun.
  • Edit categories — if Honeydue puts a transaction in the wrong category it can easily be edited

Family Budget Finance Tracking (iSave Money) Android only

This free app help users simplify personal and joint budgeting.

Unlike some financial tracking apps, FBFT displays data in graph form to help you quickly understand your spending habits.

You can also add your children to the app to let them be responsible for their cash flow and help them track their spending patterns.

FBFT supports multiple currencies (most apps don’t have this capability.)

  • Set up recurring transactions once and they’ll automatically appear in the future
  • Budget templates included(or create your own)
  • Cloud backup to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Export CSV files
  • Built-in speech recognition
  • Autocomplete based on prior entries
  • Budget forecasting — 6 months out based on previous transactions
  • Daily transaction monitoring
  • Built-in income & expense calculator
  • Syncs across multiple devices, so family members have access to financial data at all times

Give Every Dollar a Job (Envelope Budgeting Apps)

Envelope budgeting is old-school but powerful.

The name comes from the practice of budgeting for various expenses with cash and envelopes. Every expense in the budget (e.g. groceries, rent, car payment) has a corresponding cash envelope.

The goal of the system is to budget every dollar of income and put it into envelopes for expenses and savings. When the envelope is empty, then you don’t spend anything else in that category until your next payday arrives.

Any surplus cash left over at the end of the month goes into savings.

Many financial gurus advocate this budgeting method, including Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruz. But having envelopes of cash around that could easily get lost or stolen isn’t appealing to some people.

Now you can create digital expense envelopes that do the same job as the cash envelopes with less worry.

If you’d like to give envelope budgeting a try (without an actual paper envelope!), check out the following apps:


Mvelopes has a four-pronged approach to personal finance:

  1. Give your money a purpose via the envelop system
  2. Avoid debt/rapidly pay off current debt
  3. Simplify — access income and expenditures in a single dashboard
  4. Planning — anticipate and prepare for future expenses (avoid living paycheck-to-paycheck)

The Basic Mvelopes plan is $4/month.

But if you’d like some help getting your finances in order, you can opt for quarterly or monthly coaching plans for an additional fee. The coaches will help you create a long-term financial plan to reduce debt and build savings.

The additional coaching fees are quite reasonable. The quarterly coaching plan (Plus) starts at $19/month, and the monthly coaching plan (Complete) starts at $59/month.


  • Unlimited envelopes and financial institution accounts (All Plans)
  • Auto transaction importing and account balance monitoring (All Plans)
  • Live chat/knowledge base (All Plans)
  • Interactive reports (All Plans)
  • Quarterly coaching (Plus)
  • Monthly coaching (Complete)
  • Learning & Debt Reduction Center (Plus & Complete)
  • Debt Assessment (Plus & Complete)
  • Setup assistance (Plus & Complete)
  • Dedicated personal coach (Complete)
  • Personalized financial plan (Complete)
  • High-level priority support (Complete)


According to their website, “The Goodbudget Way is an invitation to relate to money differently where you spend in line with your values, stick with a budget, deepen your relationships, grow in character, and transform your financial life.”

This powerful tool combines the best of envelope budgeting methods with a family budgeting app.

The ability for all account users to see transaction data in real time can help prevent accidental overspending in a shared category.


  • Free Plan: 10 Regular Envelopes/10 extra envelopes/1 account/2 devices/1 year of history/community support
  • Plus Plan — Unlimited Regular and More Envelopes/Unlimited Accounts/5 Devices/5 years of history/email support — $6/month or $50 year
  • Syncs between mobile devices for couples


Financial expert Dave Ramsey created the EveryDollar app for followers who prefer digital envelopes to paper ones.

The app comes with some categories already created for you, such as health and car insurance, groceries, car payment, credit card, mortgage, emergency fund, etc. (If you need additional savings or expense categories, it’s easy to add them.)

If you make a mistake entering a transaction, it can easily be reversed.

While EveryDollar is a solid budgeting app, it has a couple of drawbacks to consider.

The free version of the app requires all transactions to be entered manually, which can be a bit tedious. Another drawback is that EveryDollar has no reporting capability to look back on your transaction history.

But if you’re after a basic, user-friendly budgeting app, you might find that EveryDollar is the answer.


  • Email support
  • Split transactions across multiple budget items (for example if you cleaning products at the grocery store, but want to track these purchases separately from your groceries.)
  • Syncs across devices — ideal for shared accounts
  • Add/edit categories
  • Spending tracker lets you see what you’ve spent and what you have remaining to spend for the month
  • EveryDollar Plus — $99/year gets you phone support, the ability to connect and log your bank accounts, and track credit card spending in one place

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Like the other envelope budgeting apps featured, YNAB’s mission is to give every dollar of your income a purpose.

To set up the app, connect your bank accounts.

You’ll then see the available dollars ready to be budgeted.

Assign every available dollar to the appropriate categories in YNAB(add your own categories if you like). Make sure the ending balance to be budgeted equals zero and you’re set to go.


  • Bank auto syncing (your banking information is always up-to-date in the app)
  • Syncs over multiple devices (share info with spouse)
  • Reporting (graphs/pie charts)
  • Investment tracking (a feature most other envelope budgeting apps lack)
  • Free for 34 days, then $6.99/month
  • Supports US/Canadian banks
  • Daily Live Workshops to brush up on topics like budgeting, rapid debt repayment, cutting expenses, etc.
  • Envelopes for infrequent spending such as car repairs, vacations, Christmas, etc.
  • If you overspend in a category, move unused funds from other categories to keep your budget on track

Get Your Big Financial Picture with This App

Love it or hate it (users tend to fall into both categories), Mint is probably the most complete financial app available. It has features that aren’t available in other budgeting apps, such as credit score monitoring.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for tracking spending, savings and investments, look no further than Mint.


  • Create and manage savings goals
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Alerts (late fees, over-budget in a category, bill reminders, rate changes, large purchases) via email or SMS
  • Weekly email summaries of your transactions
  • Automatically syncs your financial data over multiple devices

Financial Peace is Only a Download Away

Imagine how beautiful it would be never to have a single argument over money again.

Or to finally work together as a team towards your financial goals — whether your goals are to break free of debt or save up for a down payment on a home.

It’s never too late to rewrite your financial story.

The next step is to grab one of these apps to keep your budget on track. Financial peace and prosperity can be your new reality (sooner than you think.)

budgeting apps for families

These apps can help your family get on track with a budget


16 Food Allergy Apps to Help You Avoid Allergic Reactions

The Best Food Allergy Apps

For those who have food allergies, it’s critical to avoid foods that can trigger symptoms.

Food allergy sufferers face a wide range of symptoms from anaphylactic shock, to hives, gastrointestinal distress and even nasal congestion and reduced sleep quality. Grocery shopping and eating out can be landmines for these people.

What’s makes it even harder is that food manufacturers often give alternative names to common ingredients. This makes the simple act of buying food a massive challenge for allergy sufferers.  

Food Labels Can Be Misleading

Here’s an example of how just confusing food labels can be.

Eggs can be listed on labels as albumin, globulin, livetin, ovomucin and phosvitin. Milk ingredients can be listed as ammonium caseinate, casein, lactalbumin, and lactoferrin.  You almost need a scorecard to keep up with all the names! 

Here are a couple of examples for people living with dairy allergies.

The wax on fruits and vegetable is often derived from casein, a milk product. Some seasonings can contain milk.  These are just a few examples of why people with allergies must carefully read labels.

Mobile Apps Make Shopping and Dining Out Safer

Luckily, now there are some great mobile apps that make things much easier for food allergy sufferers.

Here are a few examples of how these apps can help you avoid the foods you’re allergic to.

  • You can scan food labels with an app while you’re shopping, to alert you of potential allergens.
  • For cooks, apps help you quickly find substitutions for foods that cause sensitivity
  • Apps help you track your symptoms and allow you to share them with your physician
  • There are even apps to find allergy-friendly restaurants

If you have food allergies, check out these helpful apps and breathe a little easier.

Food Substitution Apps

The Substitutions food allergy appsSubstitutions 

This food allergy app displays over 1300 ingredient substitutions, including specific brand recommendations for particular allergies. Whether you have gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free or egg-free dietary restrictions, Substitutions can help you find great alternatives to include in your recipe.

For migraine sufferers, the app provides a list of foods to avoid because of their potential to induce these horrible headaches.

And Substitutions isn’t just for allergy-suffers. Vegans can find plant-based alternatives to common foods as well. There is even a version of vegan cheese made with cashews that’s perfect for both vegans and those with dairy allergies.

Note: the Substitutions app is included in an app suite that also has apps for conversions and cooking times.

NxtNutrio Healthy Diet & Gluten Free, Allergy, GMO Scanner

Select your profile settings to avoid specific foods like peanuts, gluten and dairy. You can also apply filters to avoid artificial colour and sweeteners, MSG, peanut and more. 

Using NxtNutrio is simple. Just locate and scan the barcode on the label of your chosen food. Here’s what happens next.

You’ll see a green circle displayed at the top of the app if the scanned food is allergen-free. A yellow ring means use caution. When a red circle displays, the food is a no-go. You’ll see a list of alternative foods displayed in that case. 

 NxtNutrio integrates with Apple’s Health app if you’d like to track your weight, water consumption, food choices and activities through the app.

Smart Chef

The Smart Chef suite of apps contains a food substitute guide, a dictionary of cooking terms and a kitchen calculator.  You’ll find alternatives for over 400 foods, including gluten-free, dairy, baking, spices and more.

Kitchen Swaps Lite 

KitchenSwaps Lite’s database contains over 1300 ingredient substitutions and equivalencies. But there is a big catch. The free version of the app only displays the first substitution in the list. If you want to view more than one suggestion on the list, you must upgrade to the $0.99 paid version. 

The interface is rather primitive. But for the budget-minded, Kitchen Swaps Lite is a good choice.

Grocery Shopping Apps

Eat It You Can 

Set your user preferences to filter out any manufactured food products that contain allergenic ingredients.  Next, browse by keywords to find foods that fit your criteria. (For example, breakfast cereals.) 

EIYC even searches for allergy-friendly salty or sweet snacks, breakfasts, desserts or cookies. 

Spoon Guru 

This app contains a built-in barcode scanner to weed out any allergenic foods. Spoon Guru also sends allergy-friendly recipes directly to your phone (which is a massive time saver.) 

My Food Facts

Use the My Food Facts app to scan food label barcodes. You’ll instantly receive an easy-to-read, searchable list of ingredients to alert you about any allergy triggers.

Recipe Apps

For those with food allergies who like to cook, the following apps can help you find allergen-free recipes.

Yummly food allergy app


Enter any foods you’re allergic to into the app. Next, select dishes that appeal to you. (Yummly then remembers your preferences.)

 The next time you open the app, Yummly finds similar recipes to the ones you’ve favoured. An especially nice feature of Yummly is the integrated grocery list. 


Youmiam is a combination of a recipe app and a community. Set up your profile to avoid recipes containing your allergens. If there are particular foods you dislike, you can also filter them out of the results.

Provide the app with your level of cooking expertise (beginner, intermediate or expert), and it returns suggestions based on your skill level. You might see a few recipes in French, as the app is based in France.

Important to note:  The “Staff Picks” tab won’t always filter out your allergens. In this case, you’ll see “The following recipes don’t include your food preferences” displayed in a green banner.

Stick to the “Recommended” tab to be safe.

Avoiding certain foods and finding recipes that avoid allergens is only part of the equation. Many with food allergies also find it useful to track their symptoms as well.

Symptom Trackers

If you suspect certain foods trigger your symptoms, then a tracking app can double as your allergy journal. 

It allows you to record what you eat (and when) and also track any symptoms you experience. If you consistently note the same signs after eating specific foods, then follow up with a doctor for further allergy testing.

These symptom tracking apps will definitely help you get a handle on your symptoms.


This allergy app bills itself as “your personal diary for keeping track of your food and symptoms.” If you accidentally miss tracking a meal, you’ll receive a reminder notification. Foody features predictive text, so you don’t have to keep re-typing the same foods in your diary.

Rate the intensity of your reaction to avoid trigger food in the future. Export your food diary via PDF to share with your nutritionist or physician.


Designed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease sufferers in mind, this app bills itself as a “Food, Mood & Poop Tracker.” 

Don’t let the label scare you off. The Cara app tracks all your foods and symptoms, as well as your mood, stress levels and medications. This helps you identify patterns when your symptoms are apt to be at their worst. 

Cara also suggests substitutions for foods that trigger your symptoms. Export your food diary via PDF for your health practitioner.

mySymptoms Food+Symptom Diary

The mySymptoms app features a food journal as well as mood and symptom tracking. View suspected trigger foods, trends and correlations in the Food Analysis tab. The more you track your meals, the better analysis you’ll receive. Export your data for later review by your healthcare provider.

Like to dine out? Then check out these restaurant apps custom made for those with food allergies.

Restaurant Apps

Eating out is a challenge for food allergy sufferers. Few menus list all the ingredients in their dishes. And although restaurants take food allergies seriously, cross-contamination of dishes with allergens does happen occasionally.

That’s why apps that help food-sensitive diners find restaurants to accommodate their special needs is most welcome. The drawback to these apps is that they tend to be location-specific. (For example, available for U.S. or U.K. users only.)

Before you dine out, pick up one of these restaurant apps custom-made for those with food allergies.


This U.S.-based app has been around since 2010. AllergyEats claims to be “the leading guide to food allergy-friendly restaurants around the United States.” Read reviews by diners, or add your own reviews to the community and share them to social media.

Over 850,000 U.S. restaurants are listed and rated in the app, including Allergy Eats picks for the most allergy-friendly restaurant chains.


This free app tracks 33 common allergens found in restaurant meals, including milk, egg, shellfish and peanuts, and also advises allergy-friendly dining options. If you have particular dietary restrictions (for example, keto, vegan or kosher), DineSafe will locate a restaurant catering to your preferences.

Restaurants can also submit menus to be uploaded to the app database. This makes it handy for diners who want to check restaurant menus before they venture out. 


Find top-rated restaurants, food products, allergy doctors with Spokin. Follow users with the same allergies as you have to see their recommendations.

Spokin’s hidden allergen feature discovers allergy triggers in food products and menu items.

Allergy FT: Allergy Food Translator

This app is a godsend for travellers with food allergies. Create profiles for family members with food allergies. The app translates 622 different food allergies into local tongues (including a warning message to show wait staff.)

Currently, the app supports French, German and Spanish, but more languages are in the works. All translations are by native speakers.

Profiles are stored locally on the app, so you’ll be able to use AllergyFT without a WiFi connection.

What are your favourite apps for dealing with food allergies?

What food allergy apps have you found useful for dealing with your food allergies? Please leave a comment below and let us know!
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food allergy apps

These apps can make life easier for people with food allergies

The Best Travel Apps for iPhone

The best travel apps for iPhone in 2018 go above and beyond merely booking your flight.

These apps are almost as good as having a personal concierge plan every detail of your trip. You can kick back in your favourite chair and explore destinations, book your flight, accommodation, and local transportation all from your phone. (Not to mention they can help you save money too!)

But the best travel apps for iPhone can also help you share your trip with family, friends and fellow travelers; snag you better seats on a plane; speed you through Customs lines; and help you pack the right clothes for your trip.

The only drawback? Sorting through hundreds of apps to find the best travel apps for your iPhone!

We know you’re short on time, so we’ve done the hard work for you.  We’ve reviewed a wide selection of travel apps for you.

Use the Quick Navigation below to jump to apps by category.

Travel Planning Apps

The Lonely Planet Guides app let you explore 200+ cities before you go, with insider advice from Lonely Planet’s travel experts. The apps provides neighbourhood guides, must-see sights, local language phrasebooks, offline maps, currency conversion bookmarks and more. You’re sure to find the travel destination of your dreams with a little help from the Guide app!Price: Free, with in-app purchases.Lonely Planet/Trips – Trips is designed to be a bit like Instagram in that images feature heavily. But unlike Instagram, users can not only share breathtaking photos, but also background information about the locale. Trips format allows user to upload their travel photos, videos and stories into a glossy ‘magazine’ that they can share with friends, family and fellow travelers.

The TripAdvisor app is filled with 500 million user-generated reviews on hotels, vacation rentals, flights, restaurants and local attractions. Read reviews on landmarks, things to do in top destinations, and top nearby destinations. TripAdvisor also has a forum, so you can ask specific travel related questions before you book. TripAdvisor compares prices from 200+ hotel booking sites, so you’re sure to find a great deal. If you’re concerned about language barriers, TripAdvisor tells you which languages are spoken by your accommodation staff.You can also download local maps to use offline so you don’t have to worry about roaming charges.

Flight Apps

Google Flights is quickly becoming the go-to place to book flights, because you can discover information about on-time performance and baggage fees that are difficult to find even on the airlines’ websites.

Here’s the problem though – Google Flights isn’t an iPhone  app! But anyone can access the desktop version of Google Flights. Discover options to save money by flying out of another airport or on another date. Track airfare prices through Google Flights, and get notified via email if a cheaper fare becomes available.

Another bonus is Google users can save their identity and credit card details to purchase tickets without having to re-enter their information.

HopperThe app is your crystal ball to forecast flight & hotel price reductions. Almost magically, this app can predict the future lowest price of your flight with 100% accuracy! Hopper tells you whether to book now, or wait for a better price. If there’s a sudden drop in fares, Hopper will send you a push notification so you can book immediately.

The app features major airlines in the U.S. and Canada.

Skyscanner – This enormously popular app (60 million monthly users!) features daily flight deals from more than 1200 direct partners. But that’s only the start of what this powerful app can do. It can also find you deals on hotels and car rentals. Add your fixed travel dates and Skyscanner will show you the best travel deals available

Skyscanner searches hotels, apartments, BBs, guest houses & hostels and ranks them by price, star rating, meal plans, cancellation policy so you can find a perfect fit for your accommodation tastes, needs and budget.

Enter your destination, pickup and dropoff dates, and Skyscanner will compare car rental rates from Europcar, Enterprise, Budget, Alamo, Hertz & Avis.

HelloGbye Hate typing? Frequent, business or group traveler? This is the app for you! Simply speak your travel plans to HelloGbye and it does the rest.

All you need to do is fill out a profile where you rank your travel preferences. You needn’t enter this information again unless you want to make changes. Then HelloGbye’s AI-powered app fetches flight and hotel choices for you based on those preferences.

Traveling with a group? HelloGbye helps you “plan and book multi-person itineraries, including with travelers departing from different cities leaving on different days, all with different preferences, in seconds.”

Price: Free for individuals, but advanced features are subscription-based. The app maker claims the “monthly subscription actually saves you money by reducing travel fee expenses, gives you cash back and provides a better travel booking experience.”

Subscriptions will set you back $19/month but also waives change fees, gets you preferred hotel rates, up to 2% cashback on hotel bookings. If you’re a frequent traveler, the subscription could easily pay for itself.

There is also a small business plan for up to 25 travelers for $199/month.

Hipmunk Advertises itself as “Your FREE travel agent.”

One feature that sets Hipmunk apart is its integration with Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack. Sign up, then open up your favourite messaging app. Ask the Hipmunk bot a travel question and it will come back with instant travel recommendations.

Make sure to check out Hipmunk’s annual travel planning guide. You’ll discover the best times to travel to your destination, based on price and preferences.

Hipmunk’s flight search engine shows cabin class options head to head, so you can compare Basic Coach to Coach to Business fares. It also finds car rental and travel package deals for you.

Kiwi This app is designed “By Travellers, For Travellers”

Kiwi claims that “airline flights cost 28% less with – saving you up to 90% on direct prices.” How does Kiwi do it?

The app searches for the cheapest flights possible, even if that means booking you on different carriers. Kiwi’s  interactive flight tickets map helps you search for the best flights possible. Choose ‘Everywhere’ in the destination field to see cheap travel deals from across the world. The app stores all your essential travel documents such as tickets and boarding passes, so you’ll have them at your fingertips whenever you need them.

There’s just one small caveat to using Kiwi. Flying unrelated flight routes, you may have to go through customs and check in again during layovers. Make sure you have a visa for any country in which you need to clear customs.

Accommodation Apps

Travelers have far more accommodation options available than ever before.  From deep discounts on hotel rooms to home sharing options, there are app choices in this category to please every taste and budget. – Tons of filtering options and thousands of hotel rooms – what’s not to love? Registered users can receive secret deals and save up to 50% off regular pricing. The app’s “Deals for Tonight” feature can score you some sweet last-minute savings on a room.

Hotel Tonight – Everyday at noon, Hotel Tonight releases fresh room deals. While you can book up to two weeks in advance, the biggest savings come from booking last-minute with Hotel Tonight. You’ll also see user reviews, and helpful information to help you make the right decision on a room. – Travelocity’s mobile app gives users access to over 300k hotel rooms. If you’re feeling adventurous, use the “Top Secret Hotels” feature to score a deeply discounted rate. The only catch is you won’t know which hotel you’re booked into until your transaction is complete. Check out the user-reviews for insights into properties. If you find a cheaper rate for your room online, Travelocity will refund you the difference.

SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts – Access 1200 of Starwood’s award-winning hotels and resorts – including Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, W Hotels, Aloft Hotels, Westin Hotels & Resorts and St. Regis Hotels & Resorts. Book with a credit card or with your accumulated Starpoints.

Bonus: skip the check in line with SPG Keyless, which lets you check in, get your room number and unlock your door with the app. 24-hour assistance is available from the SPG support team.

Roomer Matches people who have booked non-refundable rooms they can’t use with travelers looking to score a bargain. Register to find secret deals where you can save up to 90% on last minute travel. Sort deals by budget, hotel class, review and extras (free breakfast, etc.)

Roomer has access to luxury properties where you can score even bigger savings. Choose from all-inclusive resorts, city break, beach, romantic trips, family-friendly properties, spa retreats and more! The app also provides users with money-saving offers for solo travel, which is usually a more expensive option.

AirBnB AirBnB leads the way with home sharing options for every taste and budget. Home Sharing has cut significantly into hotel profits, so it’s not surprising some major cities such as New York City and San Francisco have enacted legislation to curb its rapid growth.According to Business Insider, San-Francisco based AirBnB has listings in 191 countries, and its total number of listings have outgrown the combined total of the top five major hotels.The app allows travelers to book short-term or long term vacation home rentals. Share with friends & family via the app, and allow them to help plan the trip. Use the app to message your host and get directions to your rental home

Technically, Roam is not an app. But its included here there are so many benefits of this website for freelancers and business travelers. Roam features co-living and-working spaces with super-fast internet speeds and other business essentials. Kitchen, laundry and living spaces are shared; however, each guest has a private room and bath. Most locations have other amenities available such as a pool and media room.

Currently, Roam has co-living spaces in London, Bali, Miami and Tokyo – with a San Francisco location opening soon.Pricing is by the room, so your guest can stay with you at no additional cost. Note: You must apply and be accepted by Roam before you book.

Transportation Apps

Forget the days when your only option was to rent a car from a big agency, or fumble with a local transit schedule. Mobile apps have revolutionized the car rental process, giving users instant access into pricing from all major agencies. Apps have also set the stage for the rise in ride sharing and car sharing options now available to travelers.

CarzUP Partners with over 25 major car rental companies in the USA, Canada and Europe. Collision insurance  is available from $11/day. Bonus – you don’t need a credit card to book a car through the app.

CarRentals – This simple-to-navigate app is a car rental search engine with enhanced features. Search for vehicles from every major rental agency. View, cancel or re-send confirmation emails for any rental you’ve made through the app. Contact customer service directly through the app for questions and concerns – and get roadside assistance if needed. The app supports 28 different languages., so it’s an excellent choice when traveling abroad.

Getaround Peer-to-peer car rental available in 8 U.S. cites – San Francisco, Berkeley, Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, Oakland, Portland, Washington D.C..  Choose from convertibles, exotic, luxury, snow, SUV, Tesla, truck & van to rent on an hourly or daily basis – insurance included in the rental fee.

Verify your driver’s license and credit card with Getaround, then in the future you’ll be able to rent any vehicle on the network without any paperwork. Simply find a Getaround car you wish to rent, then unlock it with your phone. Hourly and daily rentals are supported by the app. .

Zipcar –  Members can reserve a car from 1 hour up to 7 days. With membership, gas, insurance and up to 200 free kilometers are included per day. Membership starts at $7 month with no annual fee.

When you locate a car that is available to rent, simply hold your Zipcard to the car’s windshield to unlock. When you’re finished with the car, park it in its reserved spot and re-scan your Zipcard to lock it.

Uber – The world’s most popular ridesharing app provides service in many major North American cities, as well as 60 countries worldwide.

To book a ride, download the app, and imput your name, phone number and credit card number. Enter your destination address & confirm your pickup spot and your driver will be on the way.

When your ride is confirmed, you’ll see an estimated cost of the ride provided. You must accept this fee before proceeding.

If you need to make a short stop during your ride, your Uber driver will accommodate you. If you’re a wheelchair user, Uber has specially equipped vehicles to transport your chair to your destination. For the budget minded, Uber offers UberPool, which offers extra savings for guests willing to share a ride.

Lyft – Yet another popular ridesharing service. You can create both personal and business profiles which allows you to keep receipts and personal and business payment cars separate. Schedule your ride up to 7 days in advance.

Lyft also offers a smiliar carpooling option to UberPool called Lyft-Line for budget-mined individuals.

Mytaxi This app is Europe’s favourite taxi booking app. Fare quotes are provided when your ride is booked, so you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises. Pre-book your airport pickup at least 4 days in advance and for a guaranteed fare.

The app stores your card information, so there’s no need to fumble with cash when you arrive at your destination. All receipts and your ride history are stored in the app for your review.

Taxify – Operates in a similar fashion to Mytaxi but gives you the option to pay with cash instead of adingd a card to the app. Supports both personal and business trips for easy record keeping.

View your driver’s contact details and rate your ride upon reaching your destination – helping other passengers in the future.

Citymapper – The  app is designed specifically for people who walk, cycle and use public transit. A unique feature of this app is its Smart Ride initiative. You’ll get a guaranteed seat on a Smart Ride bus at a specific time on the route you specify. Users have said that Smart Ride is the best of both worlds between catching a bus or taking a cab.

No Wifi or data? No problem. Citymapper saves maps so you can view them offline. Your trip history is saved as well. You can even let friends track the progress of your journey. Opt for push notifications to be alerted of transit delays or cancellations during morning and evening commutes.

Transit – Helps you navigation public transit systems with real-time predictions. Get help with trip planning, navigation, service disruptions and departure and stop reminders. You’ll even be able to track your transit vehicle’s progress on a map in real time. Transit provides step-by-step navigation if you’re on foot.

Service disruption? Transit sends push notifications to alert you. Transit schedules and itineraries are available offline as well. In select cities, you can locate bike share stations, pay for passes and unlock bikes through the app.

Decide that Uber is a better transportation option? Fnd and book nearby Ubers directly through the app. Finally, you can view availability of local car-share services and and book a cars with Transit as well.

Restaurant Reservations & Review Apps

Open Table Make reservations at one of 43,000 restaurants located worldwide with the Open Table App. Filter by your personal preferences by cuisine and location. Discover photos, menus and reviews to guide you to a perfect restaurant choice.

Resy – Make a reservation at one of over 1000 restaurants in over 80 U.S.cities with Resy. All restaurants have been vetted by the Resy team for quality. Booking a table with Resy is as simple as making two taps on your phone. If you need to cancel your reservation, you can do it from inside the app.

Nowait – Many casual dining restaurants don’t take reservations, but put you on a waiting list for a table instead. That can be frustrating when you have hungry kids to feed. Nowait displays how long waits are at close-by casual dining establishments. The app will also put you on a restaurant wait list without standing in line to save your spot. The app even notifies you when it’s time to leave for the restaurant.

Allset – Allset is aimed at business diners. Select a restaurant, pre-pay and order your meal and and pick the time you want to dine. When you show up at the restaurant, your meal is already waiting for you.

Itinerary Apps

Once you’ve planned your trip, it’s a huge help to be able to keep all of your bookings, boarding passes and other important travel information within a single app. To follow are three apps that help travelers manage their itineraries with ease.

Google Trips – Google has created a powerful and convenient app to help plan and organize your trips. The app will pull your bookings from Gmail and Inbox and automatically organize them for you. Your itinerary will always be available offline – no WiFi or data needed to retrieve it.

Need suggestions for things to do in a new city? . Filter your excursion preferences through Top Spots, For You, Local Favourites, Parks & Gardens, Indie Music, Indie Shops, Sporting Scenes, Fashion & Jewellry, Indoors, Outdoors, Kid Friendly, Father Away, Places A-Z.  You”ll receive half and full-day suggestions for outings based on your preferences.

You can even create a custom itinerary for each day of your trip with Google Trips.

TripIt –  This convenient app keeps all of your travel plans as close by as a single tap on your phone. If you’re a Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook user, set up your booking confirmations to be automatically forwarded to the app. If you’re not a user of these services, simply forward your hotel, car rental and restaurant reservations to and the TripIt app keeps everything organized for you.

Once you’re finished adding your booking details, TripIt creates an itinerary based on your travel confirmations. Access your itinerary offline – TripIt downloads it and stores in the app for you.

Business travelers may want to upgrade to TripIt Pro ($49/year.) The upgrade allows travelers to receive real time alerts, find alternate flights, get fare refund notifications in the event of a price drop, share travel plans with business colleagues and family, and track rewards points from within the app. A 30-day trial is available.

TripCase– Also geared towards the business traveler. Auto-import trip details, email your booking confirmations to TripCase, or add your details manually to create your itinerary. Share your itinerary with anyone of your choosing – TripCase will keep them updated on your arrival details. Search alternate flights, check the weather, book rides and more all from within the app.

While on your journey, TripCase sends messages related to specific segments of your trip, such as airline check in information. The built-in GPS feature allows you to save specific spots you’d like to return to later.

Important travel documents such as boarding passes stay available with just a tap, whether your online or off.

WiFi Calling Apps

Calling home from your mobile device can add eye-watering roaming charges to your monthly cellular bill. Reduce your charges with apps that let you call and text over WiFi.

WhatsApp – Free calling, video calling and secure messaging from your Android, iPhone, Windows phone or Mac or Windows PC. Start a group chat to update friends and family on your travels – share messages, photos and videos with up to 256 at one time!

WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption, so your calls and chats stay private. You can even send documents via WhatsAPP.

Messenger – The app is Facebook’s contribution to messaging apps. As well as messaging your Facebook friends via the app, you can also send text messages via the app to any phone number. Create group chats; voice call over WiFi. You can turn off Messenger notifications when your working or busy as they can get annoying quickly.

Note: You don’t have to be on Facebook to use the app. You can register via your phone number.

Skype – One of the oldest messaging apps around, Skype has over 100 million installs. Features free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls and instant messages. Low-cost calling to landlines and SMS to mobile devices is also available.

The fully-encrypted Signal App ensures your conversations stay private. The app doesn’t store your data, or access your communications. Use your existing phone number and address book with Signal – there’s no need to create usernames or passwords. Text, talk or create group chats in complete privacy.

General (But Indispensable) Travel Apps for iPhone

Mobile Passport – Officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The Mobile Passport app allows U.S. Citizens and Canadian visitors (with B1 or B2 visa status) to submit passport and Customs declaration information via the app instead of filling out a paper form. Household members traveling together can make a single declaration.

Special pre-approval or clearance to use the app is not required. Complete your profile with your passport information, answer CBP’s questions about your trip, and submit your information with a tap upon arrival. Next, you’ll receive an electronic receipt from CBP containing a QR code. Proceed to the dedicated Mobile Passport line, show your receipt and passport to the officer and you’ll breeze through Customs.

Available in over 20 major U.S. cities with more airports to follow.

Note: The app is NOT a replacement for your passport. Have your passport on your person at all times when you travel.

PackPoint – Not sure what to pack for your trip? You’re not alone! But now there’s the Pack Point app to help you get it right. Pack Point checks the weather and decides what you need based on the destination, length of travel and planned activities.

Not only will Pack Point help you plan what clothes to take, it will also remind you to take essential items such as passports, power adapters, medical insurance cards, toiletry items and more.

TripLingo – this app has a number of useful features. There is a voice translator to instantly translate your voice into another language (and vice versa), a phrasebook that includes formal, casual and slang options, learning tools to help you master critical phrases, safety tools, tip calculator, culture notes and more.

Waygo  is a must for travelers going to Asia. Waygo uses image recognition to translate signs and menus from Japanese, Chinese and Korean to English.

Google Translate – the world’s most popular translation app supports over 103 languages. Use your camera to instantly translate text in 38 languages. Copy text into your app for instant translation. Enter into Conversation Mode for two-way speech translation in 32 languages. Save translations in the app for future use. You can also translate 59 languages without a data connection when you’re traveling abroad..

iTranslate Voice – Speak into your phone, and iTranslate will instantly translate your voice into one of the 42 languages supported – no typing required. Send translations over email, SMS or Facebook. The Phrasebook feature allows you to store frequently used phrases and sync them via iCloud for instant retrieval.

XE Currency is one of the best currency conversion apps on the market. Set your base currency and the app will pin it to the top of your screen. The app will work offline too, as rates are stored as they are updated. Calculate prices in your local currency with ease.

What Are Your Best Travel Apps for iPhone?

Pheww….that was a lot of writing – hope you enjoyed this round-up of 43 best travel apps for iPhone.  I’m sure that I missed a few great apps. Got a favourite? Add it in the comments below!

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