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How to Share Your iCloud Account Using Apple Family Sharing

How to Start Sharing iCloud Storage with Family

To enable Family Sharing you’ll need an iCloud account that has at least 200 GB of storage.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a paid plan to get that much storage.

You’ll also need to designate an account organizer. Since this person has power over the account, (including the ability to approve purchases) make sure the organizer is someone trustworthy.

After signup, the family organizer invites and adds family members to the shared iCloud account. Here are the simple steps. 

Get Started Creating Your Shared iCloud Account:

Step 1)  Open your Settings and tap your name. Next, tap the iCloud option.

Step 2) Select the “Set Up Family Sharing” option by tapping it.

This action will open up the Apple ID screen that appears to your right.

Step 3) Tap the “Get Started” Button to begin the setup process.

Step 4) Choose the family members you wish to add (up to six family members can share an account.)

Step 5)Select the ‘Create a Child Account’ option by tapping it, then the screen to the right will open. Tap next.

Step 6) Enter your child’s birth date. Tap next.

Step 7) Accept the Parent Privacy Disclosure by clicking “Agree”

Step 8) Verify that you’re the account owner by entering the security code on the back of the account credit card.

Step 9) Add Your Child’s Details.

Note: Apple allows anyone 13 or over to have their own iCloud account. You can override this by fudging the year your child was born to 12 years prior.

Congratulations, you’ve now set up your Apple Family Sharing Plan.

But did you know you can also share your Apple Music Subscription with family?

Sharing Your Apple Music Subscription

In order to share an Apple Music account, you need to be signed up for a Family Subscription.

The Family Subscription is $14.99 per month (in the U.S.) But even though a shared subscription looks more expensive on the surface, it still could save your family money.

A couple with individual Music subscriptions could save $48.00 per year with a Family Subscription versus paying for individual $9.99/month subscriptions.

And just because a family member loves a certain genre of music doesn’t mean everyone in the shared subscription must listen along. Playlists to the rescue!

 Create Playlists Inside Apple Music

Users can create their own playlists inside the Family subscription.

In other words, you won’t be stuck listening to your husband’s Hot Country playlist or the kids’ “Moana” soundtrack if you’re a die-hard Motorhead fan.

Tip: Apple offers a free trial period for their Apple Music accounts. You can always try it and cancel later.

Want full details on a shared Apple Music subscription? Click here.

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