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About Us

You’re a busy family who just can’t seem to get their act together.

Every morning features a frantic hunt for lost homework, a bit of screaming “Get dressed! The bus is coming in 10 minutes” and half-eaten bowls of soggy cereal. And your evenings aren’t much better.

When you get through the door after work, there is always mass chaos.

Every kid has a different activity and needs a ride to get there. Your spouse just texted they’re working late again — so could you start dinner? Then begins the hunt for the soccer uniform buried under a stack of dirty laundry.

When you get the kids loaded to go, you suddenly notice that you’re almost out of gas.

Something’s gotta give

You’re feeling burned out and stressed. Your family doesn’t see the best side of you. And that’s not what you want at all.

Imagine what it would be like if your household was organized and could stay organized. If you could save time and do household tasks more productively. And if you could save more money too.

We want to help.

Meet Our Team

Karen is a busy mom of six who keeps her brood of athletes, dancers and musicians organized while she runs some extremely successful companies. She’s got some tricks up her sleeve to manage juggling all the demands of her family and businesses – and she’ll let you in on her secrets. She’s also a techie — and she’ll share the tech tools she uses to keep her large family on track.

Norma (our blogger) is a mom of two and grandma of one. She returned to college as a single mom at age 35 and graduated at age 40. You can bet she learned a few tricks on how to stay organized and productive along the way! But her real productivity secrets came from being a hospital cook…and she’s ready to share her tips with you.

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