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These family budgeting apps will help keep more coins in your pocket

9 Amazing Family Budgeting Apps for 2019

Is there any topic more likely to cause an argument between you and your partner than money?

The reason? There’s a good chance you married your financial opposite. (Weird, but true.)

If you’re a saver, your partner’s easy spending will make you fume. If you’re a spender, having to watch every penny frustrates you — life is meant to be lived, right?

Talking about money is our last taboo — there’s still a lot of guilt and shame attached to the topic. But don’t let that stop you and your partner from having a serious talk about your finances.

A lot of the stress and anxiety in your relationship will vanish when you work out a budget you both can live with.

The good news? You no longer need to fiddle with complicated spreadsheets or spend hours reconciling accounts to keep on top of your finances.

A new generation of financial apps makes budgeting easier than ever before — no spreadsheets required.

Love (and Budgeting Apps Designed for Couples) Will Keep You Together

Budgeting apps designed for couples are such a godsend. They help keep you on track, with your budget most have another feature couples will enjoy.

Many allow couples to choose how much information they share with their partners. For example, you could choose to share account balances with your partner, but not the individual transactions.

While it’s important for couples to be open and honest with each other financially, it’s also important to have a bit of fun money set aside to spend as you wish — without any fear of judgment from your partner.

HoneyFi (iOS & Android)

HoneyFi is a free app that claims to “help couples simply their finances and spend mindfully. Together.”

A unique feature of HoneyFi is that users can add comments and reactions to specific transactions.

Seeing a smiley face from your partner when you add to savings may be the encouragement you need to contribute regularly.


  • Syncs individual and household accounts to the app (bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments)
  • Suggests a budget based on your previous spending (this can help prevent overspending.)
  • Receive financial insights — you may be surprised where the bulk of your money is going
  • Searchable, categorized transactions across accounts for easy spending tracking
  • Choose how much info to share with your partner (use this feature with caution — it’s not wise to hide significant purchases from your partner.)

Home Budget with Sync (iOS & Android )

This app allows users to create a “Group” where all devices in the group sync with each other. When a group member completes a transaction, it’s seen in real time by the other users.

Recurring transactions sync across devices, eliminating the stress that occurs when you forget about an upcoming bill.


  • Provides an integrated set of features to help you manage your expenses and cash flow.
  • Supports tracking both your expense and income tracking
  • Support for budgets, accounts, payees and bill tracking
  • Group your expenses into categories and sub-categories, and lets you set a budget, and track expenses at the category/sub-category level.

Honeydue (iOS & Android)

This app’s mission is to help couples “outsmart money, together.”

Honeydew’s founders noticed that many couples rely on spreadsheets for budgeting. They decided there had to be a more straightforward way to juggle tracking multiple bank and credit card accounts.

As with HoneyFi, Honeydue users can decide how much information to share with their partner.

The comment section allows partners to check in with each other over transactions they don’t recognize.


  • Couples can see all their bank balances in one place
  • Track both credit card and bank balances, along with individual transactions related to each account.
  • Transactions and balances update in real time, so there’s always a complete, accurate snapshot of where these accounts stand.
  • Ability to choose which accounts your partner can see and at what level of detail.
  • Categorized spending — Honeydue categorizes expenditures into the following categories: cash & checks; family & pets; getting around; gifts & charity; miscellaneous; personal & wellness; home & utilities; food & drink; trips & occasions; shopping & fun.
  • Edit categories — if Honeydue puts a transaction in the wrong category it can easily be edited

Family Budget Finance Tracking (iSave Money) Android only

This free app help users simplify personal and joint budgeting.

Unlike some financial tracking apps, FBFT displays data in graph form to help you quickly understand your spending habits.

You can also add your children to the app to let them be responsible for their cash flow and help them track their spending patterns.

FBFT supports multiple currencies (most apps don’t have this capability.)

  • Set up recurring transactions once and they’ll automatically appear in the future
  • Budget templates included(or create your own)
  • Cloud backup to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Export CSV files
  • Built-in speech recognition
  • Autocomplete based on prior entries
  • Budget forecasting — 6 months out based on previous transactions
  • Daily transaction monitoring
  • Built-in income & expense calculator
  • Syncs across multiple devices, so family members have access to financial data at all times

Give Every Dollar a Job (Envelope Budgeting Apps)

Envelope budgeting is old-school but powerful.

The name comes from the practice of budgeting for various expenses with cash and envelopes. Every expense in the budget (e.g. groceries, rent, car payment) has a corresponding cash envelope.

The goal of the system is to budget every dollar of income and put it into envelopes for expenses and savings. When the envelope is empty, then you don’t spend anything else in that category until your next payday arrives.

Any surplus cash left over at the end of the month goes into savings.

Many financial gurus advocate this budgeting method, including Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruz. But having envelopes of cash around that could easily get lost or stolen isn’t appealing to some people.

Now you can create digital expense envelopes that do the same job as the cash envelopes with less worry.

If you’d like to give envelope budgeting a try (without an actual paper envelope!), check out the following apps:


Mvelopes has a four-pronged approach to personal finance:

  1. Give your money a purpose via the envelop system
  2. Avoid debt/rapidly pay off current debt
  3. Simplify — access income and expenditures in a single dashboard
  4. Planning — anticipate and prepare for future expenses (avoid living paycheck-to-paycheck)

The Basic Mvelopes plan is $4/month.

But if you’d like some help getting your finances in order, you can opt for quarterly or monthly coaching plans for an additional fee. The coaches will help you create a long-term financial plan to reduce debt and build savings.

The additional coaching fees are quite reasonable. The quarterly coaching plan (Plus) starts at $19/month, and the monthly coaching plan (Complete) starts at $59/month.


  • Unlimited envelopes and financial institution accounts (All Plans)
  • Auto transaction importing and account balance monitoring (All Plans)
  • Live chat/knowledge base (All Plans)
  • Interactive reports (All Plans)
  • Quarterly coaching (Plus)
  • Monthly coaching (Complete)
  • Learning & Debt Reduction Center (Plus & Complete)
  • Debt Assessment (Plus & Complete)
  • Setup assistance (Plus & Complete)
  • Dedicated personal coach (Complete)
  • Personalized financial plan (Complete)
  • High-level priority support (Complete)


According to their website, “The Goodbudget Way is an invitation to relate to money differently where you spend in line with your values, stick with a budget, deepen your relationships, grow in character, and transform your financial life.”

This powerful tool combines the best of envelope budgeting methods with a family budgeting app.

The ability for all account users to see transaction data in real time can help prevent accidental overspending in a shared category.


  • Free Plan: 10 Regular Envelopes/10 extra envelopes/1 account/2 devices/1 year of history/community support
  • Plus Plan — Unlimited Regular and More Envelopes/Unlimited Accounts/5 Devices/5 years of history/email support — $6/month or $50 year
  • Syncs between mobile devices for couples


Financial expert Dave Ramsey created the EveryDollar app for followers who prefer digital envelopes to paper ones.

The app comes with some categories already created for you, such as health and car insurance, groceries, car payment, credit card, mortgage, emergency fund, etc. (If you need additional savings or expense categories, it’s easy to add them.)

If you make a mistake entering a transaction, it can easily be reversed.

While EveryDollar is a solid budgeting app, it has a couple of drawbacks to consider.

The free version of the app requires all transactions to be entered manually, which can be a bit tedious. Another drawback is that EveryDollar has no reporting capability to look back on your transaction history.

But if you’re after a basic, user-friendly budgeting app, you might find that EveryDollar is the answer.


  • Email support
  • Split transactions across multiple budget items (for example if you cleaning products at the grocery store, but want to track these purchases separately from your groceries.)
  • Syncs across devices — ideal for shared accounts
  • Add/edit categories
  • Spending tracker lets you see what you’ve spent and what you have remaining to spend for the month
  • EveryDollar Plus — $99/year gets you phone support, the ability to connect and log your bank accounts, and track credit card spending in one place

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Like the other envelope budgeting apps featured, YNAB’s mission is to give every dollar of your income a purpose.

To set up the app, connect your bank accounts.

You’ll then see the available dollars ready to be budgeted.

Assign every available dollar to the appropriate categories in YNAB(add your own categories if you like). Make sure the ending balance to be budgeted equals zero and you’re set to go.


  • Bank auto syncing (your banking information is always up-to-date in the app)
  • Syncs over multiple devices (share info with spouse)
  • Reporting (graphs/pie charts)
  • Investment tracking (a feature most other envelope budgeting apps lack)
  • Free for 34 days, then $6.99/month
  • Supports US/Canadian banks
  • Daily Live Workshops to brush up on topics like budgeting, rapid debt repayment, cutting expenses, etc.
  • Envelopes for infrequent spending such as car repairs, vacations, Christmas, etc.
  • If you overspend in a category, move unused funds from other categories to keep your budget on track

Get Your Big Financial Picture with This App

Love it or hate it (users tend to fall into both categories), Mint is probably the most complete financial app available. It has features that aren’t available in other budgeting apps, such as credit score monitoring.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for tracking spending, savings and investments, look no further than Mint.


  • Create and manage savings goals
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Alerts (late fees, over-budget in a category, bill reminders, rate changes, large purchases) via email or SMS
  • Weekly email summaries of your transactions
  • Automatically syncs your financial data over multiple devices

Financial Peace is Only a Download Away

Imagine how beautiful it would be never to have a single argument over money again.

Or to finally work together as a team towards your financial goals — whether your goals are to break free of debt or save up for a down payment on a home.

It’s never too late to rewrite your financial story.

The next step is to grab one of these apps to keep your budget on track. Financial peace and prosperity can be your new reality (sooner than you think.)

budgeting apps for families

These apps can help your family get on track with a budget


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