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Family Life Doesn't Have to Be Frazzled Life...

You CAN Be Organized, Happier and More Productive! 

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Family life can be downright insane.

The endless days of driving kids to-and-fro to birthday parties, dance and music lessons, team sports and other activities. The piles of dirty dishes in the sink. The mountain of laundry that just keeps growing. Searching something to cook for dinner, only to find your fridge is emptier than Mother Hubbard's cupboard.

The exhaustion. The worry.

We've been there ourselves. And we're here to tell you that there is hope. 

Life with kids will always be a little crazy, But We Can Help

While we're a software company, one of our core values is "Family is of fundamental importance." 

Our founder, Karen Willsey is a busy mom of six. She founded We Bananas Software Inc. AFTER she already had a number of highly successful businesses under her belt.

Karen has managed to keep it together while running her businesses and keeping her kids involved in athletics, music and dance. One of her biggest secrets to Karen being able to get so much done is her productivity hacks and technology assists.

Great news! She'll share all of her best tips with you. 

We Bananas Software founder Karen Willey

Karen Willsey

Our blogger, Norma Rickman

Norma Rickman

Our blogger, Norma Rickman, is a mom of two (grandma of one!) who has had many careers...from hospital cook to English teacher to full-time freelance writer. 

As a single mom aged 35, she returned to school for a degree. It was crazy raising kids while working and going to school, but being super-organized saved her sanity. 

Not only will she share her own tips, she'll dig hard to bring you the best productivity and home organization tips on the web.  

Helping You Become More Organized and Productive So Your Family Thrives...

Our goal is to help you de-stress your life a little. We know how hard it is to wear so many hats as a parent and partner, and as an employee or business owner. 

That's why we're committed to sharing our best resources with you. 

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